Profile evaluation

To make sure that our students get the best country, course and university on their pursuit to study abroad the first step is a proper evaluation of any profile. Profile evaluation is not just about giving you an option, but also thinking about your career whether you are following the correct path and is it the right time? Our expert counsellor will think about all these factors when you visit us. He/she will talk to you in detail about, what you like doing and why you want this course and some other questions based on your academics, work experience, and career goals. So that we can get exact overview about your profile based on this information we will help you choose the right path which will pave a way towards your dream to study abroad.

Required Examinations and Documents

Once the country and university is decided we need to start preparing for different kind of examinations according to the university requirements. Our counselors will check and guide you on which tests are to be taken and what scores universities are looking for. A detailed planning is necessary for you to study abroad. We also have a proper document checklist to ensure that we have all the documents required for applications and Visa.

Application Review

All the applications will be done under the guidance of our counselors and they will also be reviewed one final time before the application is submitted. This includes your study abroad scholarship forms too. Also we don’t make applications for you we teach you how to do it to make you independent. Our students have always appreciated this quality about us.

Visa Councelling

The last and the most important part is getting your visa approved. Just gaining a study abroad scholarship won’t do, you have to also clear the visa application. Hence, time to time visa sessions and mock interviews are conducted to prepare you well for your visa interviews. The main idea behind these sessions conducted time to time is to help our students get connected with each other. We enjoy the interactive sessions that we sometime have over a wada pav.

Country / university / course selection

Studying abroad and choosing the right country /university/course is not an easy task. Our counsellors will provide appropriate guidance after evaluating your profile. We make sure every student gets the best.

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