Useful Tips for Applying for Foreign Scholarships Unlike the popular consensus, there are a number of scholarships out there ready to support your education. All you need to do is find the right one and apply. Scholarships are chiefly provided by government agencies, some individual universities, and some charitable trust. It often takes months to figure out the right scholarship for you. You can easily reduce that time with the following tips

  • First and foremost, get in touch with someone who already has a similar scholarship.
  • Collect all the documents you would need. If you don’t have them, please request them from your universities beforehand.
  • Prepare your resume accordingly.
  • Apply well before the deadline and to a bunch of places.
  • Talk to people, the scholarship and fund offices. It helps.
  • Study the language of the country you're applying to.
  • Get good recommendations.
  • A strong SOP is necessary. Tell them what your education means to you.
Keep above points in mind and work hard, getting someone to pay for your education is not easy. So you have to be the best to get the best. Best of Luck!