IELTS ( International English Language Testing System )

This is basically a standardized test of proficiency in English Language for those who are interested to study or work abroad.

It is mostly recognized by the professional bodies, immigration authorities and other government bodies. This is jointly managed by the British Council and IDP, University of Cambridge (ESOL) examination.

IELTS is mostly accepted by countries like Australia, Canada, and Britain n over 3000 academic institutions in US. The grades in IELTS are in Band 9.0. It is valid till 2 years.

This test includes 2 modules as Academic and General. It is further categorized in 4 sub tests as in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. The total time given for such test is 2 and half hours which vary as:

The training for IELTS is offered at Rs. 7080 + taxes.

Sections Duration
Reading 60 min
Listening 60 min
Speaking 30 min
Writing 10-15 min

The average score of this test is 6.0 bands (competent user).These tests have 4 dates in a month or total 48 dates in a year. There 24 dates for the General Training version and 48 dates for the Academic version. It can be given in more than 140 countries and over 1000 locations.

TOEFL ( Test Of English as a Foreign Language )

ETS(Educational Testing Service) is the creator and conducting body of this test. This is a test which is been administered by via Internet to test the English Language proficiency of any student who is willing to study or settle abroad. There are more than 9000 TOEFL participating institutes across 130 countries including Australia, Canada, UK and US. 4 out of 5 admission officers prefer the TOEFl test over any other English language proficiency test.

This test is totally completed through online procedure. Free resources and official preparation materials are provided to the candidates. The entire test is given in half a day. 90% of the students get into their 1st or 2nd choice universities. The total mark for this test is 120 and gets completed in 4 and half hours including check in.. The 4 sections of this test include:

The training for TOEFL is offered at Rs. 7080 + taxes.

Sections Duration Questions
Reading 60-80 min 35-36
Listening 50 min 34-41
Break 10 min
Speaking 20 min 6 tasks
Writing 50 min 6 tasks

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