QBIX ACADEMIA was established in the year 2007 we started by sending only 1 student in that year and we have seen a rapid growth after that. As our company majorly deals with Germany education. We also send students to different countries like USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, SWEDEN, NEWZEALAND, IRELAND and Many More. We strongly believe in making all our students independent hence we teach them how to do the applications. There are some small factors which stand in between the students and their dream university. We as a team help our students in every possible way to find the right university and shape their career.

We have been receiving a positive feedback from all our students who have been admitted to top universities over the years. Networking and Social events are what we conduct every month to connect our students to each other as well as their seniors Apart from overseas education we also provide regular and flexible trainings for IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE and German Language. Our trained and expert faculties guide you throughout to attain good grades Here at Qbix we are a family. We eat celebrate apply and learn and grow together.

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We have been through lots of challenges over the years but our strong and supportive has been through all of it. We as a team are always there for our students.